Gregory Jones



I got your message about upgrading your membership on #SSIxXx .. the first month is $1 and it WILL go to $30/month after that.

If that is outside of your budget I may be able to set up some type of promo code for you.. just let me know..

Best regards,

Shaman Shawn

Dear Shaman Shawn,I’m A Member Of Your SSI XXX Site,I Want To Upgrade To Premium Status,It’s Only $1 For A Limited Time! Will There Be An Additional Charge,Will The Monthly Charge Be $29.95 Or Something? I’ve Been Burned By Other Sites Who Want You To Join For A Low Price,Then Charge Much Higher For Monthly Membership! I Don’t Have Email,Please Answer Me Back By My Gmail.I Really Love Your Vids,I Want To Upgrade!

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