jayn757 rj batten

Sup boo
How is life boo
going very well
Going good u still dicking them bois dwn with that phat long dick lol
when im in that kinda mood lol
When u bringing back molly the maid u are sexy in them thongs with that ass showing I love watching those videos
lol.. i was just now thinking about that..
im bringing her back out at some point..
but not right now.. too much buzz going on..
Dang man she sexy as hell
I love seeing that dick shaved bald and u in those thongs
Next time u make them videos with her make sure u showing the dudes eating u out and stuff man lol
im getting my systems setup to handle the demand once it comes.. lol
i will
I plan to make her site similar..
mainly just photos and vids
That’s the site u going have it on
no.. it will be AmazonMolly.com
Why is it going be called amazon lol
I must say tho all ur characters u know i love her the most lol
U know i always loved ur dick and ass
lol tru
and Amazon for tall girl
some men like it and its catchy
Ok now u said that it is lol
But do u know how to get real girly with it lol u can’t be all masc and shit lol
Molly to sexy to be masc lol
they like an aggressive girl
as long as they sexy
and i am lol
I love it lol
U got anymore thongs

Where them pics of that ass i know u got some lol
um.. i dont get on facebook for that
im wrking right now



Chillin u?
U been working on molly lately lol

yea u saw the site?
Naw I haven’t what’s the site again
O i saw it i love the site u need bring molly to va sometimes
i plan to at some point

I love that little undies pic u had on lastnight where the other pics lol I would live see a front and back view of u in them

Lol.. i will be posting them soon
Word where they going be at
My website

I wanna see the pics how can I vew
go to the site in the gallery
I did it said it’s password protected
you have to click the get access button under it

I still aint get to see them pics u should send them too me cutie
U know u should do a tour for molly lol take her on tour

Im thinkin about it
That shit would be hot and make sure u tell me time enough to and come to 757 so I can see her lol
Send me them pics I wanna see i didnt get to see them
Go see them the same way everyone else does.. on the website
It said something have to fill out form or something
Fill it out
Thats what will email u the password
Its generated by the form
U going make sure u come to 757 wit molly for me please
Prolly not cuz i know alot of people there
They don’t have to see molly
Tru but if i come there ima want to see my parents etc
Then come see them I’m sure u going be stayin at a hotel. U not going be dressed as molly all day lol
I really wanna see her
And I know u going be having thongs on and that dick hair shaved bald u know imma be in love
i dont want to be around my parents looking strange with a shaved face
Lord boi
Find a way I wanna see her
come to richmond when im there
Bet I will if u tell me ahead of time I promise I will
with the $$ id require
it would be 120
start saving now
Ok and what does that get me u going be at a hotel?
im not sure yet where ill be and it will get u a session with me.
im not going into details.. you already know what i have goin on
ill be down there in a couiple weeks
So in june
probably around memorial day
K keep me informed I gotta ask she going be like she do in the pics rights thongs and dick hair shaved bald all that good good lol with ur phine ass

I registered like u told me and it never sent me a access code
check ya spam folder?
Got it wonder why it goes there
My website was hacked at on point and the hackers were sending spam emails
Mark it as not spam
Then future ones should come thru
Ok thanks

is ur # still 1-757-371-5979

No 7578973061

U never hit me up when u came to Richmond
u neva be serious
U knew I been asking about molly
i dont have time to play wit u.. lol
Wow ok
everytime im in town.. u either dont have time or dont have money
we have been tryin to meet since i was like 18 years old.. we met maybe 3-4 times

Hello Mr hru

im well and u?
I’m great sexy molly

Morning sexy


I had a dream last night boi that u was fucking me lol

a mess
Why is it a mess u saying u couldn’t see urself doung tht u sure fucked me before lol
i didnt say that.. and i still would
I bet its even better than before
im sure.. lol
Lol so question with all these enter characters u have u ever thought about doing any videos of u fucking women amd eating pussy or u not really into that
yea i would
U should i would love see u doing that lol
maybe 1 day

Keep doing what u do cause that big dick be lookin good shaved bald and u look sexy as hell in thongs


What did u apply for at richmond public schools?
an In-School Suspension assistant i think
at an alternative school
Let me fins out u tryin move back closer to home lol
lol.. possibly..
That would be cool
I think u would get bored with that tho lol i dont see u doing that i did that for about 6 months and it drove me crazy
I was at a middle school
im a life coach
i think it would be fun
U going be tryin fuck them lil bois lol
Good luck hope u get it then u be closer to home lol

O lord u in atl lol some fucking about to go on lol them bois in trouble
im not fuckin no1 here lol
Lol shit somebody going get that long pole lol

Hey u havent spoken with u in awhile how are things going
All is well.. how are things with u?

Im good whts been up where u been hiding molly at
She been chillin lol
Lol u silly whts ur plans for the holidays
Not sure yet tbh
Just kinda goin wit the flow
I heard tht
When u going start doing some videos fucking women and eating them lol
I miss molly
Lol I don’t really deal with women like that
I dont blame u i dont do fish either lol

Hey boo
Hyd cutie
I’m doing well and u?
Im good no complaints
Here either
Whats been up u been behaving
Yea definitely
No movies lately

Happy birthday boo hope u enjoy ur day!!!

Hey boo
How u been
good u?
Im good cant complain

here either
Morning u coming to 757 any this year
yea prolly in aug-sept
Where u goin be
prolly my dads near buckroe
Word is molly coming with u

yea prolly
That be nice i been waiting to see u in some thongs and everything shaved bald

Gm havent heard from u in a min how u been

Stranger where u been

Happy Thanksgiving

Gm where u been man

U dont talk no more wassup with u

Dang bruh wassup where u been



RJ replied to your story
Yo when u coming to 757 again


Gm i miss my friend

Wassup bro

Where u been hiding at


Hey do u have Twitter


waddup waddup
im in va
Smh dam bro u never tell me ahead of time so we can plan man i been dying to see u
thought i told u
but im lettin u know now lol
ill try to start giving advance notice in the futur
Thank u sir
no prob
I miss u man u need keep in touch
i always do
U been ok?
yep.. ive been well
cant complain
U still have my number?
Nah i been aint had that number
Its 7578973061
Save it u still have same number
Whats ur number
yep same #
How often u come home yo
most holidays
Chat Conversation End


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