What are SOAP notes?

SOAP notes have four parts:

1. Subjective

Subjective is about how you perceive the client to be doing.

This includes how your client looks and feels and their recent activity. This section is where you’ll record things like the mechanism of injury, chief complaint, symptoms, and description of pain. It also includes the medical history, which should take up the majority of the note.

2. Objective

Objective is how your client is actually doing based on objective measures including a physical exam, vital signs, ins and outs, and recent results from labs, cultures, and other tests.

To make it simple it means, “The data the therapist takes from palpation.” It also means: visual-postural analysis, limps, muscle guarding, holding patterns, inconsistencies in movements, atrophy, hypertrophy, bruises, abrasions, scars, swelling, redness, skin irregularities, varicose veins, breathing patterns and prosthetics. Treatment goals can be added to define the intention of your massage choices and that they ensure that your treatment-plan has a purpose.

3. Assessment

This is when “The therapist evaluates what she or he is doing.” Such as; Changes in client’s condition because of treatment and changes in symptoms. (Sometimes people include the application in the assessment part)

4. Plan

The plan is the treatment you intend to implement, including long-term treatment plans and lifestyle recommendations. It contains all the required steps, and details every proposed treatment, including therapies, and surgeries.

It should also outline a treatment plan for next session and include: what worked, what didn’t work, what you did not address, and what you want to make sure to work on next time.

If there are no changes to be noted in the assessment part, you may have ideas for next time. Recommend the client to get a massage on a regular basis: 1 x wk for 4wks.

They might not follow it but at least you tried and you are looking out for their best interest and you have it documented.

It should also include your short- and long-term goals for the client with any potential homework or exercises they should be doing.


On-Demand LMT Recruiter
Recruiter/Liaison – Philadelphia – Contracted
Treat Yourself Massage is looking to open up and expand our Greater Philadelphia Area market, and we need someone who can help us do that. This is a flexible part-time position and an exciting opportunity to build a community and influence the face of massage. A successful Recruiter for Treat Yourself Massage is a leader who is well-connected, self-motivated, persistent, organized, positive, convincing and responsive!



Screening — Verify certification/license and preview therapists’ techniques
Marketing — Reach out to qualified therapists via social media, events, networking, etc.
Liaising — Communicate with owner regarding therapist activities/trends

Skill Sets:

Approachable, use social media actively, and genuinely care about the MT community
Experienced as an MT, instructor, and/or spa manager
Knowledgeable of the market and current trends for massage therapy supply/demand
Recruit quickly, autonomously and effectively through an established network
Up-to-date with technology and proficient with MS Excel and Google Sheets

About Treat Yourself Massage:

Treat Yourself Massage delivers world-class massages to your doorstep in as little as an hour. Booking is easy with our web and mobile app. Our goal is to deliver the best massage to our clients while fostering a community of highly skilled therapists who earn more and create their own schedule. For more information, please visit www.TreatYourselfMassage.com.

Please send a resume and a short introduction about yourself.